Northern Italy

Water of Venice
The Italian Lakes and old towns of this section of Italy invite many romantic indulgences. This is also the most populated and richest area of Italy. Included here is Milan, with its high fashion, high finance and its famous cathedral, as well as Venice, Lake Como Portofino and Turin, where the Olympics were held. As with the rest of Italy, there is no shortage of art and architecture. And there is always the natural beauty…the lakes framed by the Alps, the beautiful coastline and Po Valley region and the mountains where the Prosecco grapes grow. There is certainly plenty to do here and much of it is away from the tourist crowds.

Regions of Northern Italy

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"Not only is she knowledgeable and does excellent research, one of the best things about Megan is she really listens. Megan suggested parts of the country and activities (Parma ham and cheese factory!) we would not have thought of on our own. The driving directions were extremely helpful,too. Now if we could just find the correct autostrada exit for Malpensa!" - Melinda and Gary Kramer, Aug. 2003