Sicily, the first province of the Roman Empire and legendary home of the Cyclops, is a large island off the tip of southern Italy. It is a world apart from the rest of its country. There are many interesting places to visit such as Mt. Etna, one of the world's major active volcanoes and Segesta, the site of an impressive Greek temple. Another picturesque stop is Taormina, a medieval mountaintop town overlooking the sea and Mt. Etna.

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"Our trip in 2002 was 16 days, but I know we saw and did more than we would have accomplished in a month had we done it without Megan. She knows the best locations with charming small hotels that provide a real Italian flavor that you won't get in the big box hotels. Her guides are charming as well - genuine locals who want to show off their sights and who also know the shortcuts to avoid long lines and really enjoy yourself." - Jeff Poland, Sept. 2006