Do you need travel insurance? Is your passport in order? How about learning some key phrases like, Prendalo per favore all'aeroporto.

As part of the concierge experience, below are links to services and products that can help make your trip even more enjoyable.

XE. The world's favorite currency site. XE Currency Assistant

This is our favorite currency converter. Easy and up-to-date.

Rosetta Stone.  Need foreign language skills? Rosetta Stone

Language learning that works. It's fast, easy and fun!

JDB Fine Hotels and Resorts Zierer Visa Service

ZVS specializes in fast, dependable, overnight and same day passport and visa services. After 50 years of being in business, and the experience gained by processing millions of travel documents, you are guaranteed to have your visas and passports handled quickly, accurately and professionally. If you prefer to call ZVS (866-788-1100), mention the Italian Concierge's account code (number 72401) to receive a discounted rate.

The Luggage Club. Changing the way people travel. The Luggage Club

Imagine your luggage and goods waiting for you at your final destination. The Luggage Club is today's premier door-to-door delivery service.

View their brochure [pdf]

Travel Guard

With different levels of protection from Essential Basic to Cruise, Tour & Travel Platinum, Travel Guard has an insurance plan that fits your trip.

Choose a variety of products from books to cameras to language translators to comfy walking shoes. All from the premier online store.

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"I will never forget my guide's name, Ms. Macaroni. Many thanks again to you. I understand that you are planning a trip to Northern Italy for my extended family to celebrate my brother-in-laws' 40th birthday. I'm eagerly looking forward to another wonderful trip to Italy designed by you." - Terry B., June 2006