Our Travel Philosophy

FounderToday’s hectic lifestyle often finds us caught up in the haste of day-to-day living leaving little room for perspective. Travel, for me, has always held the allure of leaving behind that which has become routine and temporarily replacing it with something new, something fresh and inspiring. Little compares to traveling to another place and becoming absorbed by the change in scenery, culture, language and food of another country.

Making a travel experience even more profound is the uniqueness of the experience – overnighting in a palace born from the Renaissance, tasting freshly pressed olive oil with the locals, hearing stories of Michelangelo’s youth while studying his artwork or exploring a little-known hillside town as locals delve with you into its history. Experiencing a culture with a private pass as one of the locals has long been the goal of my travels.

It is precisely this uniqueness, this removal of separation between tourist and local that I have found to make a world of difference in my travels. It is this experience that I seek to create for every client – an unprecedented journey to another place providing a fresh perspective and memories to last a lifetime.

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"I feel so blessed that I just happened to choose The Italian Concierge to help us plan our trip! I cannot imagine any way we could have done this on our own. Thank you, Megan, for all you did for us!" - Pati Thompson, Dec. 2004