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Deciding where to stay from an accommodation standpoint can be just as important as determining which cities to visit. Some prefer the seclusion of a villa in a small hill town, while others prefer a hotel in the heart of a city. The two options can of course be combined in one trip – a few nights in a city hotel and then off to a villa for a week.

Beyond determining the type of accommodations that best suit your interests and needs, there lies the art of selecting just the right hotel and just the right villa. It is at this point that we leverage our vast network of fine, hand-selected hotels large and small and villas near and far for you to choose from. Each property has been personally inspected and selected for its uniqueness, location, dècor, guest services, attentiveness and ability to genuinely highlight the best that region has to offer. Based on client feedback and our own travels abroad, we are constantly revisiting our repertoire of accommodations to ensure that they meet our standards and additionally, are always in search of new properties to include.

To meet our client’s needs, we offer a range of hotel classes from deluxe 5-star to top-tier 3-star. Below is a description for each level of hotel category including approximate prices per night (for two adults). Additionally, we offer a few, exclusive suite-like hotel rooms in select cities that feature all of the amenities of staying in a hotel and have the additional advantage of a kitchenette. These suites do not require full-week rentals.

Prices are solely meant to serve as a guide. They represent approximations and can and do vary depending on season and location.

5-star Hotel (ca. 400Euro+/night – 2 people, low season)
If you are seeking true luxury, then a 5-star property is for you. These exclusive properties are often converted historic sites (e.g., former palaces and grandiose mansions) that afford the opportunity to relive a bit of history while indulging in life’s modern amenities. Located in stunning environs, these properties are truly full service with a focus on pampering guests with exquisite dècor, rejuvenating spa services and cuisine to delight the palate.

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4-star Hotel (ca. 350Euro+/night – 2 people, low season)
The 4-star properties with which we work are anything but wall flowers. They may not offer as extensive an array of guest services and luxury amenities as their 5-star counterparts, but they are none-the-less attractive properties in favorable locations with concierge services and many thoughtful extras.

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3-star Hotel (ca. 200Euro+/night – 2 people, low season)
These higher-end 3-star properties are charming hotels located in nice neighborhoods, are clean and feature all of the basic necessities in addition to friendly service. They do not typically include concierge services, hotel porters and the like.

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The decision to rent a villa can be a truly holiday-altering one. If your dream holiday includes immersing yourself in a region’s traditions and day-to-day life, living as a local may appeal to you. Purchasing fresh produce at the local markets, cooking regional cuisine in your kitchen or lounging by your pool while staring out at a beautiful landscape are just a few of the advantages that villa living offers. You can live among the locals and still have your own sense of privacy – your home away from home.

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For those interested in the same advantages of a home away from home, but prefer city living, apartment rentals are available for the same purpose. Rentals are generally booked from Saturday to Saturday and do not typically include personnel. Should you prefer full-time staff, we can certainly identify a villa within our repertoire to meet those needs. Additionally, we offer some apartment-like accommodations in select cities that feature kitchen areas (from kitchenettes to more robust kitchen utilities) and unlike villas and apartment rentals, do not require full-week rentals.

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